Surrealism Links

Surrealism Links

Surrealism Links

This is a partly criteria-based, partly chance-based, directory of surrealism and surrealism-relevant phenomena with web-presence. It is long, in parts completist in spirit, and blog-structured. NB it is not necessarily things we endorse, a pruned linklist of recommendeds can be found here.


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This linklist has now been moved to Desmatorium surrealistorum and updated in many parts.

merdarius september 2015

This linklist

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Disposition of the current page:

post 4 Surrealist groups,

ongoing collective projects and overindividual portals

post 3 Individual surrealists' pages

Individual blogs and pages from people of the Stockholm surrealist group

Surrealists' individual pages and blogs (systematically inclusive/.../)

post 2 About surrealism

Useful resources about surrealism

Some surrealist-friendly publishers and organisations

Ignorantly surrealism-labelled fantastic art internet artist platforms

post 1 Comics and Music

More or less surrealist comics

More or less surrealist music

post 0 Vicinities

Vicinities (related or neighboring movements or themes)

Focus on Geography

Surrealist collective projects

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ongoing collective projects and overindividual portals

(some of these pages are inactive, without the groups hosting them necessarily being so)

Athinas surrealist group:


official webpage


Chicago surrealist group:

official webpage

Black Swan Press

Galician surrealist group:


Leeds surrealist group:


Surrealist Editions

LSG – London surrealist group:



SLAG – Surrealist London action group:

Robber Bridegroom (blog)

Bureau of Surrealist Ethnography

Madrid surrealist group:

official webpage

Anémona (Santander)

Vertebra de Ballena

GPMS – Group de Paris du mouvement surréaliste:

official webpage

Group of Czech and Slovak surrealists (Praha):

official webpage


Galerie Gambra

Another Air (current event)

Surrealisticka vychodiska (recent event)

Rio de la Plata surrealist group:


Archivo surrealista

Criadero en seres

SET – Surrealist eylem turkiye (Istanbul):


Destruction 2011 (recent event)

Ubik project (current event)

St Louis surrealist group:

official webpage

Stockholm surrealist group:

official webpage

Biografier åt okrossbara hälleflundror

Cormorant Council / Kormorantrådet



Terrestrial cephalopod

Recordists (Toronto):

official webpage

Surrealist artists groups:

Les Boules (Montréal)

Cabo Mondego Section of Portuguese Surrealism

CAPA (Amsterdam)

Derrame (Santiago de Chile)

Derrame (2) (Santiago de Chile)

4X (Stockholm)

Stir Up (Brno)

SurCol Surrealisten Collectief (Netherlands)

West Coast Surrealist Group (Vancouver)

Xaleshem (Chile)

Other collective or quasicollective projects:

Ahorcarte (California/Chile)

Alacran Azul (Florida)

La Belle Inutile

Collective Art Making

Editions sonambula (Quebec/Florida)

La Piedra de la Locura teatro (Chile)

Liaison surréaliste à Montréal

Patricide (UK)

Orb (Wales)

Oyster Moon Press (California)

Le Poignard subtil (France)

Surrealism in 2012 (Pennsylvania exhibition)

Surrealist explorations (mailinglist)

Surrealist investigations (mailinglist)

Surrealists in solidarity with the 4th international (UK)

Jaan & his Béton gestures

unRecordist littertecture

Comprehensive webpages by individuals, opening up to others' activities:

Surrealismo internacional (Miguel P Corrales)

Photomorphose (J Karl Bogartte)

Surreal coconut (Eric Bragg)

Nederlandse surrealisme (Willem den Broeder)

Voo de Osiris, surrealismo portugal (Carlos Martins)

Antlogonis infekt (Peter Schneider-Rabel)

Zazie's zone (Zazie)

Former events, inactive collective projects and defunct groups:

Bu bir sitüasyonist sergi degildir (Istanbul)

Çagdas Sanat (Istanbul)

Dark Carnival of the Unique (USA)

Dipten Gelen Dalga (Istanbul)

Latent news

Minnesota surrealist group

Montréal surrealist group

Portland surrealist group

Szczecin surrealist group

Tahrik Raporu (Istanbul)

Toplum Düşmani (Istanbul)

Individual surrealists' pages

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Tectonic Ox (Christian Andersson)

John Andersson

Johannes Bergmark

Paul Cowdell (A fiery flying roll)

Christofer Dahlby

Kalle Eklund (Kommunicerande Karl blog)

Kalle Eklund (Kommunicerande Karl myspace)

Merl Fluin (Gorgon in Furs)

Mattias Forshage


Riyota Kasamatsu (Muon myspace)

Riyota Kasamatsu (Muon voiceblog)

Robert Lindroth (Hymenopteron & the Charlatans of gravity)

CM Lundberg

CM Lundberg (mobile blog)

Niklas Nenzén

Gabriella Novak

Matti Steiger Lundmark

Tippi Tillvind

Ika Österblad


(systematically inclusive: including some of our best friends as well as a lot of people we know less well or not at all, or of uncertain status, or with particular disclaimers to recommendation, some friends with pages devoted to much else than their surrealist activities; some really good pages, a few idiots, some representatives of odd directions taken by surrealists formerly active, and admittedly speculating somewhat in diversity; also including the former list)

Daniel Abel (France)

Xoán Abeleira (Spain)

Derek Adams (UK)

Masami Akita (Merzbow) (Japan)

Aldo Alcota (Absurdog) (Chile)

Miguel Almagro (UK)

Daina Almario-Kopp (USA)

Christian Andersson (Tectonic Ox) (Sweden)

John Andersson (Sweden)

Michael Anthony (Tenebraeology) (USA)

Michael Anthony (Grotesquerie) (USA)

Edmundo Aquino (Mexico)

Fernando Arrabal (France)

Rafet Arslan (Suuralti Operasyonlari) (Turkey)

Rafet Arslan (Erekte siir) (Turkey)

Michèle Bachelet (France)

Luc Barbaro (France)

Louise Barbu (France)

Jennifer Bean (USA)

Heribert Becker (Germany)

Paula Belina (Canada)

Graciela Bello (Argentina)

Antonio Beneyto (Catalonia)

Johannes Bergmark (Sweden)

Jen Besemer (USA)

Roberto Bessa (Dente surrealista) (Brazil)

Jay Blackwood (Upland Trout) (UK)

Paul Bogaers (Netherlands)

J Karl Bogartte (USA)

Andrew Boobier (UK)

Marcelo Bordese (Argentina)

Yves Bossut (Belgium)

Guylaine Bourbon (France)

Felicity Bowers (UK)

Daniel C Boyer (USA)

Willem den Broeder (Netherlands)

Gareth Brown (UK)

Gareth Brown (myspace) (UK)

Carmen Bruna (Argentina)

Séamas Cain (USA)

Miguel de Carvalho (Debout sur l'Oeuf) (Portugal)

Jorge Catoni (Ahorcarte) (USA)

Jorge Catoni (flickr) (USA)

Victor Chab (Argentina)

Janina Ciezadlo (USA)

Cins (Turkey)

Stephen J Clark (The singing garden) (UK)

Luis Conde (Argentina)

Neil Coombs (UK)

Miguel P Corrales (Canaries)

Laura Corsiglia (Canada)

Jayne Cortez (USA)

Paul Cowdell (A fiery flying roll) (UK)

Kenneth Cox (UK)

Crazies and Kooks (USA)

Fanchon Daemers (Belgium)

Christofer Dahlby (Sweden)

Mair Davies (UK)

Steve Davies (Spartacus Mills) (UK)

Annie Debie (Belgium)

Melanie Delattre Vogt (France)

Carlos Delgado (Chile)

Tan Tolga Demirci (Turkey)

J P Dépetris (France)

Peter Dubé (Canada)

Guy Ducornet (France)

Rikki Ducornet (USA)

Kalle Eklund (blog) (Sweden)

Kalle Eklund (myspace) (Sweden)

Liliana Esperanza (Argentina)

Franklin Fernandez (Venezuela)

Alfredo Ferreiro (Spain)

Krzysztof Fijalkowski (UK)

Ceren Findik (Turkey)

Freddy Flores Knistoff (Netherlands)

Merl Fluin (Gorgon in Furs) (UK)

Mattias Forshage (Sweden)

Kathleen Fox (UK)

Brandon Freels (Koalacanth gets the doorknob) (US)

Fernando Freitas Fuão (Brazil)

Jan Gabriel (Czechia)

Tono Galan (Spain)

Angye Gaona (Colombia)

Amirah Gazel (Belgium)

Paco Garcia Barcos (Spain)

Zozan Gemilerördu (Turkey)

Gilles Ghez (France)

Maurice Greenia Jr (USA)

Maurice Greenia Jr (Art) (USA)

Maurice Greenia Jr (Adventures) (USA)

Maurice Greenia Jr (Cinema) (USA)

Maurice Greenia Jr (Music) (USA)

Martin Guderna (Canada)

Vicente Gutierrez (Los poetas soldamos mejor) (Spain)

Vicente Gutierrez (Un puro errar) (Spain)

Lesley Guy (UK)

Robert Guyon (France)

Ounsi el Hage (Lebanon)

Janice Hathaway (Hawaii)

José Hernandez (Spain)

Yoshiko Hirasawa (Japan)

Ivan Horacek (Czechia)

Patrick Hourihan (UK)

Dale Houstman (USA)

Lucie Hruskova (Czechia)

Bill Howe (UK)

Miguel Angel Huerta (Chile)

Patrick Hughes (UK)

Stuart Inman (UK)

Magdalena Isaacson (Chile)

Corinna Jablonski (USA)

Pardo Jackson (New Zealand)

Alex Januario (Brazil)

Megan Jones (UK)

Philip Kane (UK)

Riyota Kasamatsu (myspace) (Japan)

Riyota Kasamatsu (voiceblog) (Japan)

Haruka Kawakami (Japan)

Jorge Kleiman (Argentina)

Hande Koçak (Turkey)

Leonidas Kryvosej (Czechia)

Aki Kuroda (France)

Jean-Clarence Lambert (France)

Timothy B Layden (UK)

Timothy B Layden (The shape of sounds) (UK)

Philippe Lemaire (France)

Silvano Levy (UK)

Yahne Le Toumelin (France)

Rik Lina (Netherlands)

Robert Lindroth (Hymenopteron & the Charlatans of gravity) (USA)

Gina Litherland (USA)

Miguel Lohlé (Belgium)

David London (USA)

Apio Ludd (Resolute playfulness) (USA)

Carlos M Luis (USA)

CM Lundberg (Sweden)

CM Lundberg (mobile blog) (Sweden)

Destanne Lundqvist (Canada)

Henri Maccheroni (France)

Josie Malinowski (Elva Jozef) (UK)

Carmine Mangone (Italy)

Anne Marbrun (France)

Martin Marriot (Boots) (USA)

Rob Marsden (Weaponised poetry) (UK)

Premysl Martinec (Czechia)

Carlos Martins (Portugal)

Claire Massey (UK)

D Scot Miller (USA)

Richard Misiano-Genovese (USA)

Desmond Morris (UK)

Pastor de Moya (Dominican Republic)

Iñako Muñoz (Chile)

David Nadeau (La loge maçonnique Thebah) (Canada)

David Nadeau (Poètes visionnaires) (Canada)

Niklas Nenzén (Sweden)

Anna Novak (USA)

Gabriella Novak (Sweden)

Maurice Odic (France)

OnstOn (Turkey)

Noé Ortega (El fragil tejido de la realidad) (Spain)

Ayşe Özkan (Fantom) (Turkey)

Andrès Padilla (Chile)

Jean-Pierre Paraggio (France)

Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison (USA)

Fabrice Pascaud (France)

Jaan Patterson (Germany)

Ulu Paya (Austria)

Heloisa Pessoa (Brazil)

Pierre Petiot (Belgium)

Katerina Pinosova (Czechia & Mexico)

Pinina Podesta (Italy)

Pier Paolo Pollini (Italy)

Maria Prado (Argentina)

Pedro Prata (Portugal)

Alejandro Puga (Argentina)

Joe Pulver (USA)

Gábor Rádócsy Gyarmathy (Hungary)

Hal Rammel (USA)

Kait Rhoads (USA)

Santiago Ribeiro (Portugal)

Ribitch (USA)

Wendy Risteska (Cerebral purging) (UK & Australia)

Mark Rosenzweig (USA)

Guy Roussille (Mexico)

Ody Saban (France)

Fabio de Sanctis (Italy)

Enrique de Santiago (Chile)

Pierre-André Sauvageot (France)

Peter Schneider-Rabel (Germany)

Arturo Schwarz (Italy)

Barthélémy Schwartz (France)

Anasor ed Searom (Brazil)

Shibek (Unexpected sound) (USA)

Shibek (Cascadian Surrealist Egregore) (USA)

Wally Shoup (USA)

Gregg Simpson (Canada)

Stephanie Skura (USA)

Christopher Starr (Trinidad)

Matti Steiger Lundmark (Sweden)

Martin Stejskal (Czechia)

Bernd Straub-Molitor (Germany)

Pavel Surma (Czechia)

Surreal Documents (UK)

Jan Svankmajer (Czechia)

Vaclav Svankmajer (Czechia)

Carsten Svennson (Denmark)

Ludovic Tac (France)

Iulian Tanase (Poemix) (Romania)

Roman Telerovsky (Czechia)

Laco Teren (Slovakia)

Francisco Toledo (Mexico)

Tippi Tillvind (Sweden)

Martin Trippett (UK)

Pavel Turnovsky (Czechia)

Jaromir Typlt (Czechia)

Claude Varièras (France)

Vika Verb (UK)

Rodrigo Verdugo (Chile)

Susana Wald (Mexico)

John Welson (UK)

Kenneth White (France)

Kevin Wilson (Insomnium) (UK)

Sheri-D Wilson (Canada)

Xtian (Australia)

Burnell Yow! (USA)

Zazie (Austria)

Konrad Zeller (Brazil)

Ludwig Zeller (Mexico)

Kerry Zentner (Canada)

Ika Österblad (Finland)

About surrealism

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(Directories, Bibliographies, History etc)

Angels of anarchy (female surrealists biographies)

Arcane 17 (Fabrice Pascaud)

Archivo surrealista

L'Association des amis de Benjamin Péret

L'Association pour la mémoire de Robert Rius

Australian surrealism (old history by Elena Taylor)

L'Automatisme en mouvement (special issue of Études françaises on canadian automatists)

L'Aventure surréaliste

Bibliotheca onthoplanctorum (Stockholm pdf library)

Bogartte's linklist

Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its legacies

Chronik des Surrealismus in Argentinien (by Sylvia Valdez, in german translation)

Chronology of czech surrealism

Collection André Breton

Egyptian surrealism

Fundaçao Cupertino de Miranda

Fundacion Eugenio Granell

Imagine (Tel Aviv Museum's searchable image database including the Schwarz collection)

The impossible (serbian surrealism)


Konkret om Imaginisterna (Leif Eriksson) (in swedish)


Mélusine /Centre de Recherche sur le Surréalisme

Musée Magritte

Notas acerca do movimento surrealista no Brasil (Sergio Lima)

Pleine Marge

Rosemont: André Breton och surrealismens grundprinciper (comprehensive introduction to surrealism in swedish)

Peter Schneider-Rabel

Rigaut (obituaries and suicides)

Surréalisme belge - bibliographie (pdf)

Surréalisme montréal (scanned french surrealist publications)

Surrealismi suomessa (Timo Kaitaro) (in finnish)

El Surrealismo en Cuba (Vicente Jimenez)

Surrealismo Internacional (Miguel P Corrales)

Surrealistas en el Mundo

TriploV surrealist archives

Vaneigem's disinvolved history of surrealism

Wolfgang Paalen-Archiv


Ab irato (France)

Agulha (Brazil)

Albert Marencin (Slovakia)

Atlas press (UK)

Autonomedia (US)

Le Bathyscaphe (Canada)

City lights (US)

ellerströms (Sweden)

Fylkingen (Sweden)

Halle Saint Pierre (France)

Kalejdoskop (Sweden)

Charles H Kerr (US)

Fondacion Granell (Galicia)

Les loups sont fâchés (France)

Maldoror press (Italy)

l'Oie de Cravan (Canada)

Poezibao (France)

Punto Seguido/ Endymion (Colombia)

Race Traitor (US)

Red Emma's (US)

Revue des Animaux (France)

Sebeke (Turkey)

Signos del Topo (Argentina)

Sphinx förlag (Sweden)

Styx (Sweden)

Traficantes de Sueños (Spain)

TriploV (Portugal)

Vertigo (Sweden)


(Ranging from hypereclectic to abominable; recommended for mining only for those with a stomach of steel)

Art Visionary

Beinart International surreal art collective

Contemporary Surrealism around the world

Keith Wigdor's Surrealism Now!

Lutheran surrealism

Movimiento Neosurrealista (1)

Movimiento Neosurrealista (2)

New Surrealism collective

Society for Art of Imagination

Suomen surrealistit

Suprarealismul in Romania


Surrealistas en el Mundo

Ten Dreams Fine Art Galleries

Visionary Art Gallery

Comics and Music

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(NB Suggestions: there are no established criteria for surrealist comics, and not a strong explicit tradition. We are listing a bunch of suggestions of things worthy considering when approaching the subject, including whatever web presence we have found from actual surrealist practicioners in the area and some preferences and directions implied by their experience, but also various questionable leads)

Aleksandar Zograf

Anthony Earnshaw (memorial)

Babian #11

Barthélémy Schwartz

Ben Templesmith

Beto Hernandez - Frida Kahlo connection

Bill Griffith/ Zippy the Pinhead


Bob Burden/ Flaming Carrot


Eerie & Creepy (memorial)

Fletcher Hanks (memorial)


George Herriman (memorial)

Glen Baxter

Hans Arnold

Jim Woodring (blog)

Jim Woodring (official webpage)

John Andersson

Knut Larsson

Kolbeinn Karlsson

Maurice Greenia Jr (1)

Maurice Greenia Jr (2)


Max Andersson

Mike Allred

Niklas Nenzén

Panelological Pantheon

Pogo (Walt Kelly)

Richard Sala

Robert Williams

Slow Wave (Jesse Reklaw)

Stéphane Blanquet

Victor Moscoso


(NB Suggestions: there are no established criteria for surrealist music, and not a strong explicit tradition. We are listing a bunch of suggestions of things worthy considering when approaching the subject, including whatever web presence we have found from actual surrealist practicioners in the area and some preferences and directions implied by their experience, but also various questionable leads)

AACM Chicago


Anamorphosis Trio

Arachnid Arcade

Art Ensemble of Chicago

The Avant Garde Project Archive

Blood of the Black Owl

Caroliner Rainbow

Chris Cutler

Chris Watson

Clutch Mental Hospital

Crank Sturgeon

Criadero en Seres

Criadero en Seres (myspace)

Daniel Menche



Elephant 6

Ephel Duath


François Bayle



Gareth Brown

Gareth Brown (myspace)

Hal Rammel

Harry Partch Information Center

Improvised music from Japan

The Improvisor


Johannes Bergmark

Jon Rose

KUKL (fanpage)

Lise-Lotte Norelius

Luis Conde

Martin Küchen



Maudlin of the Well

Maurice Greenia Jr


Mouse on Mars

Nurse with Wound

Oneiric Ambiguity Collective

Ornette Coleman

Phil Minton




Residents (official)

Riyota Kasamatsu (myspace)

Riyota Kasamatsu (voiceblog)

Rubber 0 Cement

Rudimentary Peni

Ruhr Hunter

Sarah Peebles


Sonic Youth

Soup Purse

Sparkle Girl

Spike Jones (one of several fanpages)

Stefan Lakatos (& Moondog)

Sun Ra Arkestra


Tectonic Ox

Tetsuo Furudate

Throbbing Gristle


Wally Shoup



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(circumscription by vague criteria and chance)

Ab irato

Alchemy journal

Alchemy server

Anarkisterna i klasskampen (1969)

Annan konst (Postfuturistiska sällskapet)

The Autodidact project


Bureau of Public Secrets

Collection d'Art Brut

CIRET (International Center for Interdisciplinary Research)

Cloud Appreciation Society

Collège de 'Pataphysique

The Commoner

Epistemology, Consciousness and the Mind

Esoterica journal

Fjärde världen

Fortean Times



Hakim Bey

Halle Saint Pierre

Hermetic library

The Idler

The Improvisor

Interacting arts

International Dada Archive

Kinsey Institute

Mapping the marvellous

Mass-Observation Archive


Oneiric Ambiguity Collective

The Popular Uncanny


Race Traitor

Raw Art Link

Raw Vision

Romantic Circles Praxis Series

Signos del Topo

Situationist archive of Not Bored!

Situationist International Online

Social Fiction

Sphinx bokförlag



Zoe in Wonderland

The Zymoglyphic Museum


Abandoned places

African Fractals (Ron Eglay)

Arp's Atlas of peculiar galaxies

Artificial Owl

Association of Autonomous Astronauts

Atlas Obscura


Brennende Autos Berlin

Cloud Appreciation Society

Cube of Space

Dark Passage

David Harvey

international biogeography society

Island of the dolls

Kormorantrådet (Cormorant Council)

London Psychogeographical Society

Mandelbrot fractal generator

New York Psychogeographical Society

Perry-Castañeda library map collection

Plate tectonics animations

Scotese Paleomap Project


Six real islands


Strange Maps

Surreal Coconut

Svenska meteorologiska sällskapet (Polarfront)

Urban Habitats

Urban Plants

Web Urbanist