Surrealism Links

Surrealism Links

Surrealism Links

This is a partly criteria-based, partly chance-based, directory of surrealism and surrealism-relevant phenomena with web-presence. It is long, in parts completist in spirit, and blog-structured. NB it is not necessarily things we endorse, a pruned linklist of recommendeds can be found here.

Surrealist collective projects

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ongoing collective projects and overindividual portals

(some of these pages are inactive, without the groups hosting them necessarily being so)

Athinas surrealist group:


official webpage


Chicago surrealist group:

official webpage

Black Swan Press

Galician surrealist group:


Leeds surrealist group:


Surrealist Editions

LSG – London surrealist group:



SLAG – Surrealist London action group:

Robber Bridegroom (blog)

Bureau of Surrealist Ethnography

Madrid surrealist group:

official webpage

Anémona (Santander)

Vertebra de Ballena

GPMS – Group de Paris du mouvement surréaliste:

official webpage

Group of Czech and Slovak surrealists (Praha):

official webpage


Galerie Gambra

Another Air (current event)

Surrealisticka vychodiska (recent event)

Rio de la Plata surrealist group:


Archivo surrealista

Criadero en seres

SET – Surrealist eylem turkiye (Istanbul):


Destruction 2011 (recent event)

Ubik project (current event)

St Louis surrealist group:

official webpage

Stockholm surrealist group:

official webpage

Biografier åt okrossbara hälleflundror

Cormorant Council / Kormorantrådet



Terrestrial cephalopod

Recordists (Toronto):

official webpage

Surrealist artists groups:

Les Boules (Montréal)

Cabo Mondego Section of Portuguese Surrealism

CAPA (Amsterdam)

Derrame (Santiago de Chile)

Derrame (2) (Santiago de Chile)

4X (Stockholm)

Stir Up (Brno)

SurCol Surrealisten Collectief (Netherlands)

West Coast Surrealist Group (Vancouver)

Xaleshem (Chile)

Other collective or quasicollective projects:

Ahorcarte (California/Chile)

Alacran Azul (Florida)

La Belle Inutile

Collective Art Making

Editions sonambula (Quebec/Florida)

La Piedra de la Locura teatro (Chile)

Liaison surréaliste à Montréal

Patricide (UK)

Orb (Wales)

Oyster Moon Press (California)

Le Poignard subtil (France)

Surrealism in 2012 (Pennsylvania exhibition)

Surrealist explorations (mailinglist)

Surrealist investigations (mailinglist)

Surrealists in solidarity with the 4th international (UK)

Jaan & his Béton gestures

unRecordist littertecture

Comprehensive webpages by individuals, opening up to others' activities:

Surrealismo internacional (Miguel P Corrales)

Photomorphose (J Karl Bogartte)

Surreal coconut (Eric Bragg)

Nederlandse surrealisme (Willem den Broeder)

Voo de Osiris, surrealismo portugal (Carlos Martins)

Antlogonis infekt (Peter Schneider-Rabel)

Zazie's zone (Zazie)

Former events, inactive collective projects and defunct groups:

Bu bir sitüasyonist sergi degildir (Istanbul)

Çagdas Sanat (Istanbul)

Dark Carnival of the Unique (USA)

Dipten Gelen Dalga (Istanbul)

Latent news

Minnesota surrealist group

Montréal surrealist group

Portland surrealist group

Szczecin surrealist group

Tahrik Raporu (Istanbul)

Toplum Düşmani (Istanbul)