Surrealism Links

Surrealism Links

Surrealism Links

This is a partly criteria-based, partly chance-based, directory of surrealism and surrealism-relevant phenomena with web-presence. It is long, in parts completist in spirit, and blog-structured. NB it is not necessarily things we endorse, a pruned linklist of recommendeds can be found here.

This linklist

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Disposition of the current page:

post 4 Surrealist groups,

ongoing collective projects and overindividual portals

post 3 Individual surrealists' pages

Individual blogs and pages from people of the Stockholm surrealist group

Surrealists' individual pages and blogs (systematically inclusive/.../)

post 2 About surrealism

Useful resources about surrealism

Some surrealist-friendly publishers and organisations

Ignorantly surrealism-labelled fantastic art internet artist platforms

post 1 Comics and Music

More or less surrealist comics

More or less surrealist music

post 0 Vicinities

Vicinities (related or neighboring movements or themes)

Focus on Geography