Surrealism Links

Surrealism Links

Surrealism Links

This is a partly criteria-based, partly chance-based, directory of surrealism and surrealism-relevant phenomena with web-presence. It is long, in parts completist in spirit, and blog-structured. NB it is not necessarily things we endorse, a pruned linklist of recommendeds can be found here.

About surrealism

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(Directories, Bibliographies, History etc)

Angels of anarchy (female surrealists biographies)

Arcane 17 (Fabrice Pascaud)

Archivo surrealista

L'Association des amis de Benjamin Péret

L'Association pour la mémoire de Robert Rius

Australian surrealism (old history by Elena Taylor)

L'Automatisme en mouvement (special issue of Études françaises on canadian automatists)

L'Aventure surréaliste

Bibliotheca onthoplanctorum (Stockholm pdf library)

Bogartte's linklist

Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its legacies

Chronik des Surrealismus in Argentinien (by Sylvia Valdez, in german translation)

Chronology of czech surrealism

Collection André Breton

Egyptian surrealism

Fundaçao Cupertino de Miranda

Fundacion Eugenio Granell

Imagine (Tel Aviv Museum's searchable image database including the Schwarz collection)

The impossible (serbian surrealism)


Konkret om Imaginisterna (Leif Eriksson) (in swedish)


Mélusine /Centre de Recherche sur le Surréalisme

Musée Magritte

Notas acerca do movimento surrealista no Brasil (Sergio Lima)

Pleine Marge

Rosemont: André Breton och surrealismens grundprinciper (comprehensive introduction to surrealism in swedish)

Peter Schneider-Rabel

Rigaut (obituaries and suicides)

Surréalisme belge - bibliographie (pdf)

Surréalisme montréal (scanned french surrealist publications)

Surrealismi suomessa (Timo Kaitaro) (in finnish)

El Surrealismo en Cuba (Vicente Jimenez)

Surrealismo Internacional (Miguel P Corrales)

Surrealistas en el Mundo

TriploV surrealist archives

Vaneigem's disinvolved history of surrealism

Wolfgang Paalen-Archiv


Ab irato (France)

Agulha (Brazil)

Albert Marencin (Slovakia)

Atlas press (UK)

Autonomedia (US)

Le Bathyscaphe (Canada)

City lights (US)

ellerströms (Sweden)

Fylkingen (Sweden)

Halle Saint Pierre (France)

Kalejdoskop (Sweden)

Charles H Kerr (US)

Fondacion Granell (Galicia)

Les loups sont fâchés (France)

Maldoror press (Italy)

l'Oie de Cravan (Canada)

Poezibao (France)

Punto Seguido/ Endymion (Colombia)

Race Traitor (US)

Red Emma's (US)

Revue des Animaux (France)

Sebeke (Turkey)

Signos del Topo (Argentina)

Sphinx förlag (Sweden)

Styx (Sweden)

Traficantes de Sueños (Spain)

TriploV (Portugal)

Vertigo (Sweden)


(Ranging from hypereclectic to abominable; recommended for mining only for those with a stomach of steel)

Art Visionary

Beinart International surreal art collective

Contemporary Surrealism around the world

Keith Wigdor's Surrealism Now!

Lutheran surrealism

Movimiento Neosurrealista (1)

Movimiento Neosurrealista (2)

New Surrealism collective

Society for Art of Imagination

Suomen surrealistit

Suprarealismul in Romania


Surrealistas en el Mundo

Ten Dreams Fine Art Galleries

Visionary Art Gallery

Fill in only if you are not real

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